When we look at scented candles, we see a lot of things wrong.

With little-to-no information about the ingredients used, the industry is opaque. The majority of candles available now use unsustainable waxes such as paraffin, palm and soy. They are scented with synthetic fragrances, which often smell acrid after extinguishing and have recently been found to create compounds such as formaldehyde – the last thing you want to be adding to your home environment!

To top this all off, these candles usually come to you in wasteful packaging; heavy glass votives, cardboard boxes and plastic cellophane.

One by one, we have addressed each of these issues to create the cleanest candle possible.

We use a sustainably sourced coconut wax from the Philippines and our scents come from plant-sourced essential oils. We pour our candles directly into British steel tins, which are made a short bike ride from our studio and are, crucially, infinitely recyclable. We’ll even refill them for you.

Candles are just the start. We are creating a brand that will make all manner of high-quality products that are good for you and the planet. We are spreading the word that you should know what goes into the things you buy and you should be sure that all of those things are responsibly sourced.